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Considering SKB Vidhyashram

Hear what our community has to say! We're proud of the positive impact we have on our students, and these testimonials showcase the real-life experiences of our school family.

K. Pavithra and S. Baskar (Parents of Mahashri.B, Grade 2)

Dear SKB, First of all, I am thankful to SKB Vidhyashram for providing a safe and growing environment for our daughter for these past two years. It's been a great journey for both us and our daughter, where she got to have her beautiful and happiest memories. It provided a safe second home for my daughter, thereby relieving us of our biggest stress. It is not just a school for us, but a whole new world that opened the gates of exploration for our daughter. It has wonderful teachers and caregivers, who supported us during our hard times and helped to have the confidence to send her to school. I simply wanted to thank you all for what you have done so far and what more to come. I hope you continue with the great work. With love,

Sanvi Srinivasan Parent of our school student

I am impressed with your curriculum and teaching Methods which is different from other Schools well planned worksheets for Practice makes my Child think beyond prescribed Textbooks Extremely happy with the kind of activities organized in schools for children's organized in School for children's physical, social and intellectual development very happy with the school system and with the cooperative attitude of the teachers for making my child more confident to participate in activities Highly appreciated. The efforts taken by the Teachers for the academic improvement of my daughter and boosting her confidence in other activities too.

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